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Lest We ForgetInFlandersFields_DD

I’ve heard there’s some facebook ‘movement’ afoot to change the red poppy associated with Remembrance Day on November 11th, to a white poppy to symbolize ‘peace’.  These people have forgotten.

These people have forgotten Dr. John McCrae who wrote in 1915 of the red poppy blowing over the graves of all those soldiers that died — all for peace.

These people have forgotten men like my mother’s uncle, gassed in World War I, & my father’s father–my grandfather–who fought in World War II — all for peace.

These people have forgotten all the men & women who have died as Canadian peacekeepers around the world — all for peace.

These people have forgotten those who have been left behind — who have experienced horrors for their country & then come home to be forgotten — all for peace.

A friend shared how the Royal British Legion feels:

The Red Poppy petals are a tangible symbol of every drop of blood spilled in conflict.
The Poppy does not celebrate or glorify war — the Poppy is there to remind us of the horrors of world war, to remind us never to let it happen again.
When the Poppy’s petals fall, they weep for all injured at war and for all who never saw their home again.
The Poppy reminds us to live in peace with each other — of the futility of war.

We do not need a new symbol for ‘peace’ — the white dove symbolizes love & peace of the spiritual universe — the red poppy symbolizes the human cost as we strive for peace.  We cannot forget.

My brother sent this yesterday & I think it’s very apt for today’s generation:

Please take time in your day to remember — Lest We Forget.

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