Dare I Bring Out the Sandals?


Spring has definitely come to the Isle.  She’s just arrived and there can be quite a bite to the wind, but some good signs have started to appear.  

Spring flowers 20180314

Like spring flowers — bright daffodils and tulips, delicate daisies — in gardens or fields, along walkways, and in parking lot planters.

Like the sun being out most days — it almost feels like we’re already heading into our dry season.  What rain we have had in the past month has been sparse and really little more than a sprinkling.  Well, except for that really ferocious 15-minute hailstorm!

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re completely free of rain until summer — we do need our gardens to grow.

If you’d asked me in early March, I would have told you that not too many of my plants from last year seemed to make it.  We did have some heavy snowfalls [okay, I know 3-4 storms per winter is nothing to the rest of Canada] that caved in a whole wall of blackberries & brought down huge tree branches, but I didn’t realize it had affected the rest of the garden that much.

But, sometimes, like the actual arrival of spring, you have to be patient & soon you will find the newest of life spring quite suddenly from the old:

Strawberries 20180318
Strawberries from last year look dead but tiny new green life shows promise.

Do you see all the moss that grew on the big rock behind the planter?  It must have been a very wet winter!

Sprouts unknown 20180318
Tiny sprouts of unknown plant appear among baby strawberries.

Another sign of spring is the start of outdoor projects.  The first this year is a planter made from recycled materials — more at my stained glass site Spring Project Startup:

Rainbow Planter 20180402

So, like the garden awakening, there is an excitement to all life.  Being outside requires much less clothing but for me especially, forever bare-foot, it is a great time of freedom.  Everywhere is dry so I feel really restrained when I have to go out wearing socks & shoes.  But, I have this great habit of jinxing things & I really, really like spring.  😉 😉

So, my big question now is:  “Dare I wear sandals?”

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