The Garden Awakes

yard fire 20180517

Spring is my favourite time in the garden.  There’s the suspense & delight at new growth from old friends while experiencing the joy & satisfaction of getting your hands in the dirt to plant new friends.  Each day you check on your babies, there are changes everywhere — a new bud or bloom on a plant or a new sprout from the bare dirt.

Rplanter close 20180516I planted a tomato, some peppermint, & basil in the new Rainbow Planter while the Oceans Wave Planter got some lavender.  They’ll supplement the thyme, chives, & parsley already growing.  I also spread some wildflower seeds in a couple of planters by the door & a few around the yard which hopefully will provide some surprises.

One tulip bloomed [yeah!] & a couple iris buds are on their way, while the lilies are going crazy with the buds so they’ll be a profusion of glory soon.  Both these containers should have had the bulbs split last fall because of overcrowding so there can be no excuses this fall — otherwise next spring I may not have any tulip or iris blooms at all!

Though heavily damaged by snow this winter, the blackberries are rebounding strong & the Scotch Broom carries on blooming — even the grass has filled in quite nicely through a lot of patches that were only dirt & gravel.  The only bare spots left are the main walking area.  One of my summer projects for this year is to make a few stained glass stepping stones — then maybe some ground cover will grow around them.

After a few hours of weeding, planting, & watering, it’s always nice to sit back to enjoy a lovely spring evening on the Isle.

Simply peace.

Simply a Dawne Thought    butterfly-blue

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