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A Major Re-Start

. I haven’t written here for awhile.  😦 No, I take that back — I haven’t posted here but I’ve certainly been writing. Snippets of thoughts.  Confused.  Sad — heartbreaking sad.  Sometimes anger. … Continue reading

Tragedy Brings Change

I needed to focus on something constructive: My re-organized desk & project area is looking pretty — even if it’s still a little crowded. Last week, my desktop was a complete disaster —… Continue reading

Stencil Artiste?

Well, I tried some decorative stenciling.  I used to love using stencils to make letters when a kid.  Hmm, this was not exactly so easy.  This might mean a change in plans about… Continue reading

A Big Baby Step

🙂 I actually typed a letter, printed it, addressed a postage-paid envelope, & plopped it in the proper post box — quite an accomplishment considering this letter has been a very important item… Continue reading

Glass Projects Up, Up & Away

It was quite exciting to have my window installed in the new closet shelving unit.  I really like how the closet looks now — no longer think it needs ‘proper’ doors.  But hmm,… Continue reading

Lashing Out

When you’ve been hurt by someone, do you feel angry & want to spew ugly words at them?  I’ve done that in my life — & I regret pretty-well every time! Many, many… Continue reading

Fancy Organizing

🙂  Beautiful stained glass tops raise these simple tables to super-special.  🙂 I’m sure most of us function better when we’re organized but I absolutely need to have a place, or box, or… Continue reading

Time Line Pressure

I’ve tried off & on to post here daily but find I might start writing something & realize too much explanation [thus, lots of dull words] is required to put the post in… Continue reading

Ch-ch-ch-changes Again!

Wow, pretty long time since I’ve ‘posted’ anything here — not that I haven’t written anything but it’s all been snippets of thought saved as drafts.  To actually sit down & make proper… Continue reading

Slowly But Surely

Yes, the RV is sold!!  Now, it’s sorting through all this stuff I just couldn’t throw away — oh my, what would I do without that magazine from 10 yrs ago??  Oh yeah,… Continue reading

Planting Life

I finally did some gardening!!  To some this may not seem like such a big deal but as the eldest daughter & grand-daughter of professional gardeners, I certainly have a great love for… Continue reading

Organizing Life

I am definitely my happiest when my life is organized.  And the reverse is also definitely true — oh God, I can’t stand being disorganized.  When everything has a place, it seems easy… Continue reading