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Mum and Music

I certainly got my love of music from my parents — especially Mum.  There was always country music on the kitchen radio or nights when Mum and Dad would get into playing their… Continue reading

What My Dad Taught Me

His Legacy Continues On My dad–chipper as ever–in the ICU on June 13th, 2012 — the day after a 7-hour cancer operation. Question:  How old do you think my Dad is? Dealing with… Continue reading

A Special Little Drummer Boy

I have so many favourite Christmas carols but The Little Drummer Boy is right up there at the top.  I found this beautiful version by Pentatonix at Good Time Stories — always love… Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all, … and all the best in the New Year! ♥ Simply A Dawne Thought ~

Gift Choosing Always Fun

I always love this time of year — when I start checking gifts off my Christmas List.  When I feel the exquisite joy of Santa — of actually having a unique gift for… Continue reading

A Pretty Butterfly Package

There was a package in the mailbox today.  Surprise, surprise, it isn’t one of those freebies I’m always signing up for.  No, this is from my loving sister & there’s a couple felt-pen… Continue reading

A Major Re-Start

. I haven’t written here for awhile.  😦 No, I take that back — I haven’t posted here but I’ve certainly been writing. Snippets of thoughts.  Confused.  Sad — heartbreaking sad.  Sometimes anger. … Continue reading

Christmas means Special Visits

Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas. Dale Evans “Flowers Love Sun” for my 2-yr-old grand-daughter. What a wonderful Christmas season I’m having… Continue reading

A Nana’s Thoughts

My little sweetie, playing in her garden, wearing her favourite clothes.  [Beautiful photograph by her wonderful mom.] Over the past few days, I’ve had a wonderful conversation with my 12-yr-old grandson in northern… Continue reading

When is Spring Coming to Calgary?

Yup, I’m in Calgary — where the weather can change from freezing rain to hot sun in a matter of a couple hours.  Well, that’s only happened twice — otherwise it’s cold rain.… Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the Royal Couple

😉 No, I don’t have my headline wrong. As well as the British royal wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton, today is my Mom & Dad’s birthday.  Yes, the same day —… Continue reading

Bing, Bang, Boom

Isn’t it funny how wonderful [& I guess terrible, but we’re not going there] things seem to happen all at once?  Bing, bang, boom. Unusually busy around here — the landlord is back… Continue reading

Family Take Priority

I noticed that I haven’t posted here every day during March — oops, sorry WordPress Challenge.  Of course part of the blame goes to the arrival of spring — oh boo hoo. Yes,… Continue reading

Nana Has It Good

My grand-daughter is a sweet 16 months old! With 3 grandsons [12-14 yrs old] who live 1,000 km [over 600 miles] away, I haven’t seen much of my eldest son‘s children.  But my… Continue reading

Lady fun

🙂 I’m changing my schedule for posting so today is simply my beautiful losing-her-puppyhood-a-bit black Lab, Lady — playing with her rope from my son. She gives me joy & kisses [although I… Continue reading

Kind Words Encourage

🙂  A few kind words from my favourite sister encouraged me today.  I’m a little amazed at how much. She wrote them in an email after she’d seen the pics of my glass/wood… Continue reading

OMG, My Baby is 30 Today!

Yes, my youngest child is 30 today — 10/10/10.  Was it really that long ago? Naturally, I’m only 39-yrs-old — oh, wait a minute, I guess I’m 49-yrs-old.  Well, I better not mention… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Lady Daisy May

My constant companion, Lady Daisy May, is one year old today!  Even though it’s been a wild up & down year, it certainly seems now that it’s flown by.  Lady, or Daisy, or… Continue reading

Where Are They When You Need Them?

Today’s quotation from Oprah has me musing about my life: To know that people care about how you’re doing when the doings aren’t so good–that’s what love is. Oprah Words #15 My doings… Continue reading


Talked with my beautiful sister today.  Sometimes I’m sure that she’s crazier than I am.  Even though, she’s just had to lower her price [mind you, to $400] to sell the last of… Continue reading