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The Garden Awakes

Spring is my favourite time in the garden.  There’s the suspense & delight at new growth from old friends while experiencing the joy & satisfaction of getting your hands in the dirt to… Continue reading

Dare I Bring Out the Sandals?

Spring has definitely come to the Isle.  She’s just arrived and there can be quite a bite to the wind, but some good signs have started to appear.   Like spring flowers — bright… Continue reading

Prettiest Picture wk 13.24

My Prettiest Picture This Week View from porch through Green Trees window. Surprise Rhodo My biggest surprise in the garden this year is the blooming of this rhododendron — 1st time in 3… Continue reading

Colour Fun

Oh, so much fun with colour around my house lately: Butterfly pillows from Bombay tie my bedroom colour scheme together Dawne Design. I’ve been decorating with colourful flowers & butterflies & fairies & real-life… Continue reading

Bright Beginnings

Hmmm, over a month since I’ve written here?  Really?  While some of that time was accidental, some was intentional. Although we’ve been enjoying a gorgeous autumn filled with sunshine, I spent a couple… Continue reading

Hungry Visitors

Hmm, someone enjoyed a delicious dinner last night: OMG  😆 and this: Now, yesterday, I was thinking I should get a picture of the geraniums because the red plant [hmmm, what is its… Continue reading

Glass Makes Planters Extra Special

. 😀 Along with cutting & grooving the shutter frames while I was away, my carpenter also made a couple of unusual planters — sort of R2D2 look-alikes. 😉 I love the raised… Continue reading

Prepping Pots for Plants

While at Canadian Tire to get a few more plants [flowers for me & veggies for my room-mate] to go in the gardens outside, I saw this beautiful red-leafed begonia for indoors. Since… Continue reading

Planting Relaxes & Beautifies

😀 I’ve slowly been adding annuals to the little garden here & starting perennials in containers. I don’t usually plant annuals but the little garden outside the porch door is sprouting all sorts… Continue reading