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Special Christmas Song

This little quartet is so special … I love the special change just before the 3:00 min. mark &, of course, the wonderful ending. I hope you enjoyed the song as well.  😉… Continue reading

My Well-Used Dog Bed

Know who sleeps on the dog bed the most? Mollie ? or Lady ? ? ? ? ?

Have A Laugh at Life

What is more joyful than a baby’s laugh? A wonderful collection of babies laughing at dogs: ** from ♥     I enjoyed this much-needed giggle today — did you?     ♥ Simply A Dawne Thought

Muppet Chicks

Originally posted on Crafting Glass:
  sometimes you just have to sit back and smile….Happy Saturday God Bless, Julia

Repost: Lashing Out

With the crush of Christmas shopping upon many people, tempers are a little short — long line-ups, busy driving, crappy weather, … time running short.  Last night, I avoided the indoor malls & really… Continue reading

Have a Laugh at Life

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