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Living In The Weeds

  living down below in the dark, gritty zone hiding among the big the strong the scary;   the force needed to compete everywhere abounds drains beautiful colour wilts the soul crushes life;… Continue reading

Leave the Dark Behind

You need to leave the pain behind to survive …  Thanks to Sandy Sue for pointing me to this beautiful song — yes, it’s all about trust. Simply A Dawne Thought


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. . “Judge not lest ye be judged.” We know this, we accept it as reasonable, yet, how often do we judge others? “Why can’t they be like…


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Illegal immigration isn’t new, Native Americans called it white people.

Doctor’s order: A belly laugh a day

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Another beautiful ‘smile’ photo from my favourite Swedish lady at wellhowaboutthemapplesmary View original post

A Quick Visit

A pretty little light came to visit: I caught some pictures with my camera — some from far away: Some from up close: Okay — it’s not from the stained glass in my… Continue reading

Linking Parties

Pretty new to networking on the net, I have started ‘linking’ with some of the sites I like to visit.  [Have I told you how many RSS feeds automatically come into my mail… Continue reading

Broken Promises Break Trust

Sometimes promises can be hard to keep.  Circumstances change.  Life happens. But being hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  And breaking a promise can destroy trust — the cornerstone to any good relationship.  How… Continue reading

Beautiful Start to 2011

 After a few days of -2° C [~ 28° F], it seemed soooo cold outside!  But today we’re 3°C [~ 37°F] & the sun is shining brightly — the reflection off the… Continue reading

OMG, My Baby is 30 Today!

Yes, my youngest child is 30 today — 10/10/10.  Was it really that long ago? Naturally, I’m only 39-yrs-old — oh, wait a minute, I guess I’m 49-yrs-old.  Well, I better not mention… Continue reading

Ups and Downs

Oh, the ups & downs of life!  Got a flat tire last night — no spare.  At least I was close enough to just drive it slowly home — now have to get… Continue reading

Now what?

Or what now?  Don’t want to clean but want some fun; to laugh.  Woke up late — back to my usual schedule — tried to fix it but only got up early a… Continue reading

Slow Mornings

It’s overcast & probably will rain.  My to do list is a mile long.  Yet, I can’t find the energy to start at it.  A coffee always helps — good ole Tim Hortons! … Continue reading