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Getting Back Up on my Horse

Beware so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance. Jean de la Fontaine Two of five panels for new window in place. So, so often, I am distracted from… Continue reading

Fee Fi Fo Fum

Oh my, sometimes a week can go by so quickly.  And it’s funny how each day can be filled with activity yet my to-do list gets ever longer. Although still mild temperatures, a… Continue reading

Kitchen Almost Ready

A kitchen renovation can cost mega $$ so, in this case, it’s better that I rent.  But a cosmetic rejuvenation can be found in a gallon [well, we get 3.74 litres now :-(]… Continue reading

Productivity Here — A Mess There

Funny thing about spending most of your time working [or playing] on only specific parts of your life — other areas get quite messy! I’ve been so intent on working [cutting glass, getting… Continue reading

Spring Break My Way

😉 I really hate to say this considering all the snow-bound North Americans right now, but — spring is right around the corner here! Although we have rain off & on, it’s quite… Continue reading

Mental Health Day

🙂  Every once in awhile everybody needs to take a mental health day.  A day when you do not worry about work.  A day to refresh yourself — to refuel.  A day to… Continue reading


Following a link from WordPress, I found a great poem on A Day In The Life of a Daytrader for me today — a little behind schedule with my to-do list piling up… Continue reading

Wasted Hours

God, I hate being sick!  I know I really got run-down this summer but got better after a little convalescence & some nutritious food.  Ah, duh! But last week I was really down… Continue reading

Motivation Activation

When my to-do list is so long I don’t know where to start [practically always!], I find it hard to ‘kick-start’ myself to simply start tackling any work — then nothing gets done! … Continue reading

Slow day

After my rush of graphic work a week or so ago, it seems funny to be lazy — slept late, had 2 coffees, walked & played with dog at lake, now watching tv… Continue reading

Frustrated Every Which Way

Well, I didn’t get much done last night/this morning.  So frustrated with Ps — can never get my brush or pen or whatever to change colour!!  My most important weapon.  I finally undid… Continue reading


Man, I am an expert procrastinator.  Always getting me into trouble with the government because I don’t get all the paper work or the telephone calls made.  Days, weeks, months, YEARS go by… Continue reading