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Words To Remember

Originally posted on By Hook Or By Book:
I know I usually do a Whimsical Wednesday post here, but to be honest, with everything going on right now in Washington, I don’t have…

No Words — Simply Tears

Tears because of the cruelty of humans & tears of joy for the wondrous elephants Shirley & Jenny: Simply A Dawne Thought

A Special Little Drummer Boy

I have so many favourite Christmas carols but The Little Drummer Boy is right up there at the top.  I found this beautiful version by Pentatonix at Good Time Stories — always love… Continue reading

Remember For Peace

Lest We Forget I’ve heard there’s some facebook ‘movement’ afoot to change the red poppy associated with Remembrance Day on November 11th, to a white poppy to symbolize ‘peace’.  These people have forgotten.… Continue reading

Prettiest Picture wk 13.27

My Prettiest Picture This Week This guy saw me watching the two of them playing & nibbling [view from the living room into the side yard leading to neighbour’s front yard]. Did You… Continue reading

Wonderful World

YouTube –> David Attenborough “It’s A Wonderful World” One of my all-time favourite songs has gotta be “It’s A Wonderful World” with horns & singing by the great Louis Armstrong.  Nobody can do… Continue reading

Pardus — My Happy Kitty

I was trying to photograph my newest window before it was installed when Pardus decided he wanted some cuddling.  Now, when Pardus decides it’s time, he means now. Pardus’ look says “I want… Continue reading

Entering a Magical Garden

My room-mate & I are pretty lucky that these two, Mollie & Lady, like to play with each other & stick around the yard pretty good.  [Yup, simply a little bear wrestling above.]  😉… Continue reading

Flowers Inside Bring Cheer

😀 We must be very blessed around our little pocket of Sooke because Lady & I enjoyed a wonderful day of sunshine while Victoria had pouring rain.  I didn’t have a clue! And… Continue reading

Spring Break My Way

😉 I really hate to say this considering all the snow-bound North Americans right now, but — spring is right around the corner here! Although we have rain off & on, it’s quite… Continue reading

ChristChurch Multiple Cathedrals Damaged

** Please note:  This contains corrected information on Feb. 24th ChristChurch Triple Tragedy concerning the ChristChurch Anglican Cathedral & the ChristChurch Catholic Cathedral. There are many churches in ChristChurch, New Zealand, that have… Continue reading

ChristChurch Triple Tragedy

** Please note:  The image above is of the ChristChurch Catholic Cathedral — more info Feb. 27th.  The images & story below are of the ChristChurch Anglican Cathedral. Just before 1 p.m. on… Continue reading

Flash Eyes

I have taken mega photos of my favourite companions — dog Lady Daisy May & cat Pardus — with almost all of the face-on shots resulting in them having bright yellow eyes.  Kinda… Continue reading

Antarctic Whaling to Stop

I read Earth Watch, by BBC environment correspondent Richard Black, with great relief today — Japan is pulling their whaling ships from the Antarctic. Yeah, maybe this could lead to a permanent ban… Continue reading

January Blahs

Here it is — almost the end of January.  It’s been a month since our last holiday with none in sight for a while — & it sure seems like a long while. … Continue reading

Lady fun

🙂 I’m changing my schedule for posting so today is simply my beautiful losing-her-puppyhood-a-bit black Lab, Lady — playing with her rope from my son. She gives me joy & kisses [although I… Continue reading

Talking Dogs

My black Labrador, Lady Daisy May, is usually quite a quiet dog EXCEPT when I leave her alone — then she has major separation anxiety.  She often tries to reinstitute her puppy habit… Continue reading

How I Like My Snow

Hee hee — see the flakes of snow on your screen?  That’s exactly how I like my snow — away from my home, hee hee!  And it’s controllable — change the direction of… Continue reading

Winter Wonderland

😛 Wow, we sure got dumped on last night — must be a foot of snow out there & it’s down to -4° C — ooh, so cold, hee hee.  All of a… Continue reading

Night-time Beauty & Danger

There is a wonderful beauty to the country really, really, late at night.  The only light is from the stars above — sometimes the moon — but tonight we have the Perseid Meteor… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Lady Daisy May

My constant companion, Lady Daisy May, is one year old today!  Even though it’s been a wild up & down year, it certainly seems now that it’s flown by.  Lady, or Daisy, or… Continue reading

Summer Energy

The summer heat has arrived — that’s why I love the Isle so much — the seasons start & end when they’re supposed to, hee hee.  It’s just a few days from the… Continue reading


Talked with my beautiful sister today.  Sometimes I’m sure that she’s crazier than I am.  Even though, she’s just had to lower her price [mind you, to $400] to sell the last of… Continue reading

Planting Life

I finally did some gardening!!  To some this may not seem like such a big deal but as the eldest daughter & grand-daughter of professional gardeners, I certainly have a great love for… Continue reading