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Reblog–>About symptoms [cancer]

Originally posted on cancer killing recipe:
Knowing cancer symptoms is very important,becase early detection saves lives. According to Webster’s Dictionary: symptom – in medicine, means any condition accompanying or resulting from a disease…

How About Mental Health Week?

Fighting my own winter depression, I’m not sure if I want to celebrate or even recognize Mental Health Day Feb 9th.  Maybe those of us suffering need a whole week. Yes, I need… Continue reading

Mental Health Day

🙂  Every once in awhile everybody needs to take a mental health day.  A day when you do not worry about work.  A day to refresh yourself — to refuel.  A day to… Continue reading

Appreciating Eyesight

Went to the eye doctor for my regular exam — been doing it since I was 5-yrs-old when first started school & they discovered I couldn’t see the blackboard from the first row. … Continue reading