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A Major Re-Start

. I haven’t written here for awhile.  😦 No, I take that back — I haven’t posted here but I’ve certainly been writing. Snippets of thoughts.  Confused.  Sad — heartbreaking sad.  Sometimes anger. … Continue reading

Working & Loving Stained Glass

Woohoo, I’m having so much fun working on two porch windows: The first Rainbow panel is up — I love the juxtaposition of the squared pieces with the curves of the Green Trees… Continue reading

2012 — Building on 2011’s Foundation

Celebrate what you want to see more of. Tom Peters The porch entrance is alive with colour. Everywhere I look in this old, not-so-mobile home, I see the beautiful colours of my work… Continue reading

My First Commission Work

BLUE MENAGERIE The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play. Arnold J. Toynbee Completed panel, “Blue Menagerie”, leaning in my window prior to delivery. I DID IT !! I… Continue reading

Yahoo, I’m Coming ‘Round the Bend

Do not quench your inspiration or your imagination; do not become the slave of your model. Vincent Van Gogh Sneak peek at last corner of blue mosaic panel Yahoo, I finished the glass… Continue reading

Getting Back Up on my Horse

Beware so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance. Jean de la Fontaine Two of five panels for new window in place. So, so often, I am distracted from… Continue reading

Pretty & Organized

Whoopee, I’ve expanded storage in my project area by switching in the 3 foot pine unit from my bedroom & adding a new 6 foot pine unit: Ikea’s Dokument white wire magazine holders… Continue reading

Too Much to Keep Up With

My, oh, my, what a beautiful day — 😉 there’s a bluebird on my shoulder. ** Luminescent colour in the shadows. Whew, after a long, HOT daytrip to Vancouver, it is so nice… Continue reading

Fee Fi Fo Fum

Oh my, sometimes a week can go by so quickly.  And it’s funny how each day can be filled with activity yet my to-do list gets ever longer. Although still mild temperatures, a… Continue reading

Glass Work — Island Style

😆 Glass Window Shutters / Wall Art Gorgeous, eh? I couldn’t help myself — I know I said the shutters were going to be in shades of blue — but when I got… Continue reading

Medieval Bed with Stained Glass

How else would a Victorian celebrate the Victoria Day long weekend than by raising beautiful stained glass sun rays? Yup, my medieval bed with stained glass panels is finished! 😮 Gorgeous?  Oh yeah! … Continue reading

Bed Panels Ready But Where’s My Iron?

Woohoo!  😆 I finished soldering, puttying, & then cleaned both panels with whiting so they really sparkle. It was hard enough to leave the panels flat for a day to let the putty… Continue reading

Lovin’ those Changes

🙂 With two work boards & a lead holder inside on my project table, I set up one of the bed panel patterns to start leading. The most tedious part is making sure… Continue reading

Simple 3D Excitingly Easy

Woah, I’m totally hyped about creating a 3D drawing on my laptop!!!  That’s my Project Table — well, sorta.  😉 Photoshop [Ps] is certainly a wonderful tool in interior design.  It can fairly… Continue reading

Glass Storage for Projects

It was a bit windier & colder today so I was glad there was just a little bit of priming left for the table bases.  So I worked on inside jobs — with… Continue reading

Transforming with Paint

ith it too cold in the workshop for my glass [Dawne Design – Glass Move From Cold], I’m transforming my kitchen table into a ‘project table‘. And the 30″ tabletop, coupled with my… Continue reading

Productivity Here — A Mess There

Funny thing about spending most of your time working [or playing] on only specific parts of your life — other areas get quite messy! I’ve been so intent on working [cutting glass, getting… Continue reading

Yellow Hiccup in Glass Panels

😦  😡  😮 Oops, had a little hiccup cutting the gorgeous yellow glass for my headboard panels.  Cutting the angles in those darn rays is proving difficult — at least with the highly… Continue reading

Big Project Startup

Previous projects for storage, like my Elegant Closet & Entertainment Centre, started out as small, simple shelf units then morphed into their full multi-section glory. This time I’m starting out with plans for… Continue reading

Draft Plans Everywhere

With the entertainment centre complete & me in dire need of shelves for books, the next piece of furniture is a bookcase.  Now, I was simply thinking a 3 ft. wide by 7… Continue reading

Zipping Along With Colour

With the frames ready for the entertainment centre, I could measure & cut the glass for the doors.  I simply love this soft blue with accent colours of dark blue & a little… Continue reading

My Nemesis — the To Do List

I cannot remember a time when I didn’t have a never-ending To Do list.  Really!  😀 Have you ever thought about the tons of stuff we do just to live?  Of course, most… Continue reading

Stencil Artiste?

Well, I tried some decorative stenciling.  I used to love using stencils to make letters when a kid.  Hmm, this was not exactly so easy.  This might mean a change in plans about… Continue reading

Keeping Main Goal in View

Often so busy with small projects, I sometimes find I’ve let the big ones slide the wayside.  And I’ll just as often let these little details interrupt my progress on a big project… Continue reading

A Big Baby Step

🙂 I actually typed a letter, printed it, addressed a postage-paid envelope, & plopped it in the proper post box — quite an accomplishment considering this letter has been a very important item… Continue reading