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My Mac Gets a Redneck Repair

The wires on my MacBook’s power supply twisted out of contact — requiring a redneck repair! Everyone knows I love Macs — ever since I bought my first one in 1988, I’ve never… Continue reading

Testing Window Concept

When writing at Dawne Design about my newest window Project 27–Squared Rainbow Concept, my Photoshop drawings were showing up funny — so I tried a test here.  Over there, with a light blue… Continue reading

Animated LiteBrite Love

🙂 During my morning travels around the internet, I cam across this cool video — at Kristi’s Addicted 2 Decorating — of animated LiteBrite scenes with a very nice song by SMS Shine.… Continue reading

Simple 3D Excitingly Easy

Woah, I’m totally hyped about creating a 3D drawing on my laptop!!!  That’s my Project Table — well, sorta.  😉 Photoshop [Ps] is certainly a wonderful tool in interior design.  It can fairly… Continue reading

What’s a Lurker?

From what I’ve been able to figure out, a lurker is someone who visits sites, reads them, then leaves without commenting. Doesn’t that make all of us a lurker at one time or… Continue reading

Expressing Graphic Smileys

s a ‘graphic writer‘, I love playing with type, colour, images, etc.  Up until now, the only smiley faces I knew how to create were the regular guy 🙂 using the colon [:]… Continue reading

Books Forever

🙂 There’s nothing like a shopping spree in a used book store!  And Russell Books in Victoria is terrific because you can also get new books for great discount prices. My spree netted… Continue reading

Music Soothes

Down & out with a cold, it is so very nice to have a stereo again.  Music fills the air — without the disruptive voice of a human selling stuff or announcing speed-traps.… Continue reading

Big Screen Disruption

. . I lied.  I said I’d never have a big screen tv.  Well really, I still don’t.  But my room-mate, who happens to share the same living room as I, is a… Continue reading

Site Hi — Daily Drop Cap

Let me introduce you to a wonderful site — Daily Drop Cap — where, every day or so, Jessica Hische puts up a really cool graphic representation of a letter, or two, of… Continue reading


🙂 As I work on more creative acts, I get more inspired.  Then I can ‘play‘ on Photoshop for hours — experimenting with different effects, colours, placement, etc. And the greatest thing about… Continue reading

Cool Lights for Dog & Bed

Got some very cool lights from overseas — a small order that took a good month to get here.  But it was certainly well worth the wait! The type for my stained glass… Continue reading

Twitter What?

Social Networking?  Facebook, huh?  Twitter?  What’s that?  I tweet, do I? Is that like Tweety Pie who could always trick that mean old cat, Sylvester? 🙂 Although Facebook can be great to keep… Continue reading