My Code

My Code to Live By

1.    To love with all my heart & soul.  To believe love is transcendent & eternal.

2.    To honour all species of being — human, animal, botanical, . . .

3.    To obey The Ten Commandments.

4.    To protect my children & grandchildren & … with my life [& sanity].
[Navajo saying:  “The plant is more important than the seed.”]

5.    To honour life as being created at the time of conception [or as Grissom says, at ?? minutes?/days? after initial contact of the sperm & egg when the blood starts flowing!! (check if fact)]

6.    To know that “pets” I care for are my companions — I do not own them or their souls.

7.    To believe all people are free — no person, any gender or nationality, is owned by anyone else.  No person is a slave-owner of any species on earth.

8.    To approach people with an open mind & treat them with kindness, wonder, & understanding.

9.    To know there is a higher power but also know I — thus all other humans! — am of too low an order to hope to understand.  Perhaps “When I Fly Away” …

10.   To know all religions are a figment of the human mind.  None of them know the answer.  I can consider their words, e.g. Buddha, just as I would consider another human’s words,

e.g. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Helen Keller, Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Katherine Hepburn, . . .

then decide for myself what I believe.

11.   To ask why?  To continue educating my mind as long as it is able to absorb knowledge.  To explore the vast amount of knowledge available on this world — physically, mentally, digitally, . . .

12.   To surround myself with the beauty of nature.

13.   To create a warm environment in my home.

14.  To teach the young — for their self-esteem, empowerment, freedom to choose.  For their happiness.

15.  To embrace change.

16.  To find fulfillment in the simple pleasures of life.

17.  To be true to me.  To not follow the crowd.

Simply A Dawne Thought

LUV Your Thoughts . . .

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