Favourite Songs

I not only love music — I need music.  I’m sure from the time I was conceived, my mom had music playing in the background.  The radio was always tuned to the country station — when the first coffee pot of the morning got started, so did the radio.

I loved to play instruments — piano to grade 3 Conservatory level; a mini-tuba in school’s gr. 8 band because ‘a girl didn’t play drums’; & my ultimate favourite, the bagpipes — first, making notes on the [practice] chanter, then with the full blown-up bag & pipes.  My Celtic heart yearns for such hauntingly beautiful sounds.

Always, I sing.  Always.  School pageants & choirs, the children’s choir at church.  I loved special occasions when we’d practice with the adult choir & then singing Sunday during the whole service.  I confidently sang solos & was thrilled when I could sing one with the adult choir — it was my heaven when I ‘graduated’ to sing full-time with the adults.

So, there is always old & new music that touches me.  Most of my record collection is from the 70s — the great age of rock ‘n’ roll.  My favourites range over the whole spectrum.

the short list:

Cowgirls Don’t Cry –> Reba  [dream come true — live at Merrit Festival 200?]

Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina –> “Evita” –> Madonna + …

Earl –> Dixie Chicks  [ooh, if only … hee, hee, hee … ;-)]

I Will Always Love You –> Dolly Parton  [Dolly wrote it, Dolly sings it best]

Jesus Christ Superstar + Hosanna + … –> “Jesus Christ Superstar”

Moments –> Emerson Drive [been there-done that — first heard live Merrit Festival]

Torn Between Two Lovers –> Mary Macgregor [from 17 on]

Not Ready to Make Nice –> Dixie Chicks  [I am free]

The Edmund Fitzgerald –> Gordon Lightfoot [Canadian classic — November winds blow hard]

Where Evil Grows –> The Poppy Family [I let it in & he wrecked havoc]

Wildflower –> Skylark  [me — from the one who knew first]

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers –> Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand  [1st time 2 favourites together]

Simply A Dawne Thought 

LUV Your Thoughts . . .

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