Planting Relaxes & Beautifies

😀 I’ve slowly been adding annuals to the little garden here & starting perennials in containers. I don’t usually plant annuals but the little garden outside the porch door is sprouting all sorts… Continue reading

Glass Panels Progress to Soldering Stage

Yahoo  😆 The leading is finished on my bed panels! I can now move onto the next assembly process — soldering all the meeting places in the lead came. Notice the two [2]… Continue reading

A Little Ouch But Worth It

It all started with a little piece of red glass . . . An idea of supporting my sagging closet rod with a simple row of shelves morphed into a Continual Closet Change… Continue reading

Can’t Keep Glass Progress Secret

I am so lucky to love my work. I love creating beautiful windows. I love seeing my visions become real. My favourite part of making stained glass windows is the assembly — measuring… Continue reading

Lovin’ those Changes

🙂 With two work boards & a lead holder inside on my project table, I set up one of the bed panel patterns to start leading. The most tedious part is making sure… Continue reading

Sunshine & Pup Brighten Day

😉  Lady Daisy May peeks into the house from the porch — making sure I’m still where she left me. Ah, beautiful sunny days — I can leave the doors & windows open… Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the Royal Couple

😉 No, I don’t have my headline wrong. As well as the British royal wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton, today is my Mom & Dad’s birthday.  Yes, the same day —… Continue reading

Waiting For the Sun

Sometimes I feel like I am forever trying to achieve an unattainable goal — like reaching the sun. Then, I need to sit back [or down, as the case may be], review my… Continue reading

So Little Time to Write & Photograph & . . .

Wow, I’ve been so busy creating & organizing that I haven’t had much time to take pictures of everything & then yak about it.  😉 The second corner bookcase is up, looks gorgeous,… Continue reading

A Little Detour Before Cutting Glass

😀 Whew, this week has been so busy with so many different aspects of life that, even if I have started writing something, I haven’t had the interest or energy to finish it.… Continue reading

Fabric Cubes R Cat’s Meow

🙂 Wanting to take a picture of the rearranged ‘spring’ tea table, I placed a couple of the small fabric cubes from the bathroom to fill the lonely cookbook shelf.  Yes, there’s only… Continue reading

Bing, Bang, Boom

Isn’t it funny how wonderful [& I guess terrible, but we’re not going there] things seem to happen all at once?  Bing, bang, boom. Unusually busy around here — the landlord is back… Continue reading

Mr. Sun Brings Excitement

Ooooh, gorgeous day, or what?  I hope all of you received as much invigorating sunshine as we did today.  A real outdoorsy day. The excitement started as soon as I went out to… Continue reading

Linking Parties

Pretty new to networking on the net, I have started ‘linking’ with some of the sites I like to visit.  [Have I told you how many RSS feeds automatically come into my mail… Continue reading

Animated LiteBrite Love

🙂 During my morning travels around the internet, I cam across this cool video — at Kristi’s Addicted 2 Decorating — of animated LiteBrite scenes with a very nice song by SMS Shine.… Continue reading

From Old To Bold

While cleaning up the kitchen last evening I put a little glass candle holder into the bucket of stuff for the garage — intended for my “I might be able to use this… Continue reading

Kitchen Almost Ready

A kitchen renovation can cost mega $$ so, in this case, it’s better that I rent.  But a cosmetic rejuvenation can be found in a gallon [well, we get 3.74 litres now :-(]… Continue reading

Flowers Inside Bring Cheer

😀 We must be very blessed around our little pocket of Sooke because Lady & I enjoyed a wonderful day of sunshine while Victoria had pouring rain.  I didn’t have a clue! And… Continue reading

What a S.A.D. Case

I feel the energy growing more every day.  I’m more productive — happier.  I sleep less & am more likely to jump out of bed looking forward to the day rather than grumble… Continue reading

Simple 3D Excitingly Easy

Woah, I’m totally hyped about creating a 3D drawing on my laptop!!!  That’s my Project Table — well, sorta.  😉 Photoshop [Ps] is certainly a wonderful tool in interior design.  It can fairly… Continue reading

Glass Storage for Projects

It was a bit windier & colder today so I was glad there was just a little bit of priming left for the table bases.  So I worked on inside jobs — with… Continue reading

Transforming with Paint

ith it too cold in the workshop for my glass [Dawne Design – Glass Move From Cold], I’m transforming my kitchen table into a ‘project table‘. And the 30″ tabletop, coupled with my… Continue reading

Family Take Priority

I noticed that I haven’t posted here every day during March — oops, sorry WordPress Challenge.  Of course part of the blame goes to the arrival of spring — oh boo hoo. Yes,… Continue reading

Productivity Here — A Mess There

Funny thing about spending most of your time working [or playing] on only specific parts of your life — other areas get quite messy! I’ve been so intent on working [cutting glass, getting… Continue reading

Yellow Hiccup in Glass Panels

😦  😡  😮 Oops, had a little hiccup cutting the gorgeous yellow glass for my headboard panels.  Cutting the angles in those darn rays is proving difficult — at least with the highly… Continue reading