Ups and Downs

Oh, the ups & downs of life!  Got a flat tire last night — no spare.  At least I was close enough to just drive it slowly home — now have to get… Continue reading

Summer Energy

The summer heat has arrived — that’s why I love the Isle so much — the seasons start & end when they’re supposed to, hee hee.  It’s just a few days from the… Continue reading

Motivation Activation

When my to-do list is so long I don’t know where to start [practically always!], I find it hard to ‘kick-start’ myself to simply start tackling any work — then nothing gets done! … Continue reading


Talked with my beautiful sister today.  Sometimes I’m sure that she’s crazier than I am.  Even though, she’s just had to lower her price [mind you, to $400] to sell the last of… Continue reading

Planting Life

I finally did some gardening!!  To some this may not seem like such a big deal but as the eldest daughter & grand-daughter of professional gardeners, I certainly have a great love for… Continue reading

Organizing Life

I am definitely my happiest when my life is organized.  And the reverse is also definitely true — oh God, I can’t stand being disorganized.  When everything has a place, it seems easy… Continue reading

Encouragement vs. Pressure

I realized I grew up with an enormous amount of pressure to “do it the right way”.  Unfortunately for a child of the ’60s, defining the “right” or successful way wasn’t always so… Continue reading

Home Again

So very glad to be back on the Isle again — wonderful, wonderful warmth!  Not too cold, not too hot.  It’s amazing to me that I was born, raised & lived in Calgary… Continue reading

Cold North Pole

Okay, I really am an Island girl — it is **!!** freezing in this country!  Where?  Calgary, of course.  Wait 10 min. & the weather will change — yup.  Came here from the… Continue reading


Okay, I’m off to Calgary — sort of.  Haven’t finished packing — couldn’t find my suitcase & had to borrow one!!!!  God, I need a home [pretty ironic prayer considering my previous entry]. … Continue reading


I caught the end of a 20-25 min. documentary entitled Not in God’s Name [2010] on KCTS [28 April 2010] & then the beginning of it when it immediately re-ran on the same… Continue reading

One of my heroes

I caught the end of the movie Little Nikita [1988] because I saw Sidney Poitier & River Phoenix were in it.  I never really saw much of River Phoenix but I was madly… Continue reading

Slow day

After my rush of graphic work a week or so ago, it seems funny to be lazy — slept late, had 2 coffees, walked & played with dog at lake, now watching tv… Continue reading

Favourite Movies

Ghost –> Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, 1990 It’s a Wonderful Life –> Jimmy Stewart, Lionel Barrymore, 1946 King Arthur –> Clive Owen, Keira Knightley; 2004 Silent Running –> Bruce Dern, 1972 Simply A… Continue reading

More Art Fun

Lots of fun in Photoshop today — figured out my colour pieces [sort of], made a Fairy Forest, & started a logo design for my company: All the clipart came from a free… Continue reading

Now what?

Or what now?  Don’t want to clean but want some fun; to laugh.  Woke up late — back to my usual schedule — tried to fix it but only got up early a… Continue reading

Bear poster

This is my poster assignment as I handed it in [bottom] & after I changed some of the snowflakes [top]: Simply A Dawne Thought

My Code to Live By

From NCIS when Leroy Jethro Gibbs met Shannon, the love of his life & sadly-murdered wife [& mother of his also sadly-murdered daughter — tv drama], at the train station on his first… Continue reading


Oh, lots of fun today.  A great walk down at the lake with my pup’s sister.  Inspired me to carry on with Ps & think I got the colour changing business down now. … Continue reading

Frustrated Every Which Way

Well, I didn’t get much done last night/this morning.  So frustrated with Ps — can never get my brush or pen or whatever to change colour!!  My most important weapon.  I finally undid… Continue reading


Finally got down to some Ps tutorials.  Played with an image of Stonehenge & then made my own rainbow.  I used way less pink & way less lines than the example — it… Continue reading

Windy Storm

Wow, wind blew tree branches everywhere.  Rain slashed in my face — it was cold on my chest without my jacket zipped up.  The dog had a great time — lots to chase… Continue reading

Too little Love

Why is it so hard to find love?  I know there are many lonely people out there — I see them & want to talk but can’t.  Always, the fear of rejection; the… Continue reading

Favourite actress

One of my favourite actresses, Ann-Margret, was a guest star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit tonight.  I loved her in the movie Bye, Bye Birdie — it’s like a love story… Continue reading


Man, I am an expert procrastinator.  Always getting me into trouble with the government because I don’t get all the paper work or the telephone calls made.  Days, weeks, months, YEARS go by… Continue reading