Favourite actress

One of my favourite actresses, Ann-Margret, was a guest star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit tonight.  I loved her in the movie Bye, Bye Birdie — it’s like a love story… Continue reading


Man, I am an expert procrastinator.  Always getting me into trouble with the government because I don’t get all the paper work or the telephone calls made.  Days, weeks, months, YEARS go by… Continue reading

Happy Tired

Oh wow, I am so tired — it’s before midnight — pretty unusual for me.  But, for a change, I feel like I’ve actually accomplished something.  Finished my university course on time —… Continue reading

Slow Mornings

It’s overcast & probably will rain.  My to do list is a mile long.  Yet, I can’t find the energy to start at it.  A coffee always helps — good ole Tim Hortons! … Continue reading

Public Personas

Not one for watching a lot of “reality” television  shows, I do catch a couple once in awhile.  I’ve noticed that depending on circumstances, such as high stress [think “Survivors” or “Amazing Race“]… Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to Dawne Thoughts.  These are simply thoughts I have on life.  Sometimes happy.  Sometimes sad.  Sometimes angry.  Sometimes boring.  I am not promising anything to anybody.  These are just my personal thoughts.… Continue reading