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Tragedy Brings Change

I needed to focus on something constructive: My re-organized desk & project area is looking pretty — even if it’s still a little crowded. Last week, my desktop was a complete disaster —… Continue reading

So Little Time to Write & Photograph & . . .

Wow, I’ve been so busy creating & organizing that I haven’t had much time to take pictures of everything & then yak about it.  😉 The second corner bookcase is up, looks gorgeous,… Continue reading

Decorating a Bookcase

I’ve been fiddling with books & ornaments for the new bookcase. Usually I sort my books by subject but the latest decorating trend is to sort them by colour.  Now, this upsets my… Continue reading

Oh Those Blues — What Do You Think?

Photoshop rendering of bookcase doors & window shutters in shades of blue glass. Do you prefer the blues? or . . . Do you prefer the multi-coloured? [Please leave a comment :-D] Since… Continue reading

Big Project Startup

Previous projects for storage, like my Elegant Closet & Entertainment Centre, started out as small, simple shelf units then morphed into their full multi-section glory. This time I’m starting out with plans for… Continue reading

Draft Plans Everywhere

With the entertainment centre complete & me in dire need of shelves for books, the next piece of furniture is a bookcase.  Now, I was simply thinking a 3 ft. wide by 7… Continue reading