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Tragedy Brings Change

I needed to focus on something constructive: My re-organized desk & project area is looking pretty — even if it’s still a little crowded. Last week, my desktop was a complete disaster —… Continue reading

Nana Has It Good

My grand-daughter is a sweet 16 months old! With 3 grandsons [12-14 yrs old] who live 1,000 km [over 600 miles] away, I haven’t seen much of my eldest son‘s children.  But my… Continue reading

First Book from U.S. Arrives

It’s been almost a month since I ordered some stained glass books from the U.S.A. — Kansas City, Missouri.  I received the email when they were shipped so I knew they were on… Continue reading

Books Forever

🙂 There’s nothing like a shopping spree in a used book store!  And Russell Books in Victoria is terrific because you can also get new books for great discount prices. My spree netted… Continue reading

Big Screen Disruption

. . I lied.  I said I’d never have a big screen tv.  Well really, I still don’t.  But my room-mate, who happens to share the same living room as I, is a… Continue reading