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Tragedy Brings Change

I needed to focus on something constructive: My re-organized desk & project area is looking pretty — even if it’s still a little crowded. Last week, my desktop was a complete disaster —… Continue reading

A Little Detour Before Cutting Glass

😀 Whew, this week has been so busy with so many different aspects of life that, even if I have started writing something, I haven’t had the interest or energy to finish it.… Continue reading

From Old To Bold

While cleaning up the kitchen last evening I put a little glass candle holder into the bucket of stuff for the garage — intended for my “I might be able to use this… Continue reading

Spring Break My Way

😉 I really hate to say this considering all the snow-bound North Americans right now, but — spring is right around the corner here! Although we have rain off & on, it’s quite… Continue reading

Decorating a Bookcase

I’ve been fiddling with books & ornaments for the new bookcase. Usually I sort my books by subject but the latest decorating trend is to sort them by colour.  Now, this upsets my… Continue reading

Bargain Shopping

🙂 Oooh, I absolutely love a good bargain.  Been checking out ideas for the crappy bathroom light — hmmm, could I make a stained glass cover?  Since I rent, I’ll want to take… Continue reading