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Calgary Provides Enough Stories to Last a Lifetime

. 😆 . Woohoo, I’m back home on the peaceful Isle — from almost a month in metropolitan Calgary — yahoo! . 😉 What an adventure — helping my youngest sister move from… Continue reading

When is Spring Coming to Calgary?

Yup, I’m in Calgary — where the weather can change from freezing rain to hot sun in a matter of a couple hours.  Well, that’s only happened twice — otherwise it’s cold rain.… Continue reading

D-Day for Calgary

3 MORE SLEEPS !! Yipes, that means today is my version of D-Day: Trip DO-DAY This is the day I switch over — from beautifying projects around the house like this wonderfully HUGE… Continue reading

Countdown to Long Trip

Ooooh, 6 more sleeps & I’ll be flying off to Calgary for 5 weeks.  Funny how a month ago, it seemed so far away, but now it’s rushing up pretty fast. And, of… Continue reading

Another Snow Day Oh My

It’s hard to believe that we’ve had snow on the ground for four days now.  This is paradise – it’s supposed to be above 0° & maybe dropping some raindrops — but definitely… Continue reading

A Little Snow in Paradise

Oooh, we have a sprinkling of snow on the trees & ground!  Lady was quite interested in this new development.  She thinks it’s great to have new stuff to run around in —… Continue reading

Home Again

So very glad to be back on the Isle again — wonderful, wonderful warmth!  Not too cold, not too hot.  It’s amazing to me that I was born, raised & lived in Calgary… Continue reading

Cold North Pole

Okay, I really am an Island girl — it is **!!** freezing in this country!  Where?  Calgary, of course.  Wait 10 min. & the weather will change — yup.  Came here from the… Continue reading


Okay, I’m off to Calgary — sort of.  Haven’t finished packing — couldn’t find my suitcase & had to borrow one!!!!  God, I need a home [pretty ironic prayer considering my previous entry]. … Continue reading

Slow day

After my rush of graphic work a week or so ago, it seems funny to be lazy — slept late, had 2 coffees, walked & played with dog at lake, now watching tv… Continue reading