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Prettiest Picture wk 13.34

My Pretty Porch This Week My pretty porch — painting has progressed as far as my tippy-toes could reach. Making 2 Gallons of Paint = 3 Colours I LUV my pretty porch.  😀  Really! … Continue reading

Prettiest Picture wk 13.24

My Prettiest Picture This Week View from porch through Green Trees window. Surprise Rhodo My biggest surprise in the garden this year is the blooming of this rhododendron — 1st time in 3… Continue reading

Colour Fun

Oh, so much fun with colour around my house lately: Butterfly pillows from Bombay tie my bedroom colour scheme together Dawne Design. I’ve been decorating with colourful flowers & butterflies & fairies & real-life… Continue reading

A Major Re-Start

. I haven’t written here for awhile.  😦 No, I take that back — I haven’t posted here but I’ve certainly been writing. Snippets of thoughts.  Confused.  Sad — heartbreaking sad.  Sometimes anger. … Continue reading

A Quick Visit

A pretty little light came to visit: I caught some pictures with my camera — some from far away: Some from up close: Okay — it’s not from the stained glass in my… Continue reading

A Little Ouch But Worth It

It all started with a little piece of red glass . . . An idea of supporting my sagging closet rod with a simple row of shelves morphed into a Continual Closet Change… Continue reading

Oh Those Blues — What Do You Think?

Photoshop rendering of bookcase doors & window shutters in shades of blue glass. Do you prefer the blues? or . . . Do you prefer the multi-coloured? [Please leave a comment :-D] Since… Continue reading

$ Store Great Uplifter

I absolutely love all the stuff in a $ Store [Dollar Store].  Sometimes it can take an extraordinarily long time for me to get around their packed shelves — & that’s just 3… Continue reading