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CityScape Deters Critters

The CityScape window installed — no outdoor critters can come in & indoor critters [ahem, Mollie] can’t go out. I had lots of fun making this quick window — it’s mostly long &… Continue reading

D-Day for Calgary

3 MORE SLEEPS !! Yipes, that means today is my version of D-Day: Trip DO-DAY This is the day I switch over — from beautifying projects around the house like this wonderfully HUGE… Continue reading

Linking Parties

Pretty new to networking on the net, I have started ‘linking’ with some of the sites I like to visit.  [Have I told you how many RSS feeds automatically come into my mail… Continue reading

Kitchen Almost Ready

A kitchen renovation can cost mega $$ so, in this case, it’s better that I rent.  But a cosmetic rejuvenation can be found in a gallon [well, we get 3.74 litres now :-(]… Continue reading

I’m Working On It

from I’m Working On It I’ve been searching home stores, magazines, internet design sites — wracking my brain for some idea to cheaply cover the ugly carpets in this rental. Key words:  cheap… Continue reading

Bed Glass Panel Pattern Ready

😀  Ah, finally — I finished the pattern for my bed panels.  I call it Red Sun at Night. This Photoshop [Ps] rendering does not do justice to the colours & flow of… Continue reading

One Step Forward, Two Back

🙂 My voice is back — almost.  Later in the day I was back to a bit of a croak.  And, though I thought I’d never say this, it felt good to be… Continue reading

Keeping Main Goal in View

Often so busy with small projects, I sometimes find I’ve let the big ones slide the wayside.  And I’ll just as often let these little details interrupt my progress on a big project… Continue reading

Continual Closet Change

What do you get when you take a measuring ‘mistake’ & apply some creativity to the original design? A gorgeous framed glass door that’s so much better than a fabric cube!! I really… Continue reading