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My Well-Used Dog Bed

Know who sleeps on the dog bed the most? Mollie ? or Lady ? ? ? ? ? Advertisements

Have A Laugh at Life

What is more joyful than a baby’s laugh? A wonderful collection of babies laughing at dogs: ** from http://youtube.com/_8VKaKNINwY ♥     I enjoyed this much-needed giggle today — did you?     ♥ Simply A Dawne Thought

Have a Laugh at Life

Simply A Dawne Thought ~

First Snow

Lady & Mollie love playing in the snow while our ‘Tree Spirit’ looks on. Woohee — our first snow of the season is always a big event here on the Isle.  Yup, all… Continue reading

Entering a Magical Garden

My room-mate & I are pretty lucky that these two, Mollie & Lady, like to play with each other & stick around the yard pretty good.  [Yup, simply a little bear wrestling above.]  😉… Continue reading

Fee Fi Fo Fum

Oh my, sometimes a week can go by so quickly.  And it’s funny how each day can be filled with activity yet my to-do list gets ever longer. Although still mild temperatures, a… Continue reading

Countdown to Long Trip

Ooooh, 6 more sleeps & I’ll be flying off to Calgary for 5 weeks.  Funny how a month ago, it seemed so far away, but now it’s rushing up pretty fast. And, of… Continue reading

Sunshine & Pup Brighten Day

😉  Lady Daisy May peeks into the house from the porch — making sure I’m still where she left me. Ah, beautiful sunny days — I can leave the doors & windows open… Continue reading

Spring Break My Way

😉 I really hate to say this considering all the snow-bound North Americans right now, but — spring is right around the corner here! Although we have rain off & on, it’s quite… Continue reading

Warm Refreshing Rain

The lovely rain came & washed the snow away.  Except for Lady, no-one really wanted to spend much time outside playing when it was pouring. Mollie’s a real woose with rain & even… Continue reading

Grab A Dance

😎 I think my most favourite activity is to dance — to any great music with a beat. 😎 Of course, as far as I’m concerned that’s good ole rock ‘n roll from… Continue reading

Another Snow Day Oh My

It’s hard to believe that we’ve had snow on the ground for four days now.  This is paradise – it’s supposed to be above 0° & maybe dropping some raindrops — but definitely… Continue reading

Woohoo — Second Snow of Season

Lady, the acrobat, tries to catch snowballs. Shock.  I thought I was seeing things when I looked at the front window this morning.  It’s all white outside — everywhere.  I checked out the… Continue reading

Flash Eyes

I have taken mega photos of my favourite companions — dog Lady Daisy May & cat Pardus — with almost all of the face-on shots resulting in them having bright yellow eyes.  Kinda… Continue reading

Zipping Along With Colour

With the frames ready for the entertainment centre, I could measure & cut the glass for the doors.  I simply love this soft blue with accent colours of dark blue & a little… Continue reading

Mental Health Day

🙂  Every once in awhile everybody needs to take a mental health day.  A day when you do not worry about work.  A day to refresh yourself — to refuel.  A day to… Continue reading

January Blahs

Here it is — almost the end of January.  It’s been a month since our last holiday with none in sight for a while — & it sure seems like a long while. … Continue reading

Lady fun

🙂 I’m changing my schedule for posting so today is simply my beautiful losing-her-puppyhood-a-bit black Lab, Lady — playing with her rope from my son. She gives me joy & kisses [although I… Continue reading

Cool Lights for Dog & Bed

Got some very cool lights from overseas — a small order that took a good month to get here.  But it was certainly well worth the wait! The type for my stained glass… Continue reading

Talking Dogs

My black Labrador, Lady Daisy May, is usually quite a quiet dog EXCEPT when I leave her alone — then she has major separation anxiety.  She often tries to reinstitute her puppy habit… Continue reading

Winter Wonderland

😛 Wow, we sure got dumped on last night — must be a foot of snow out there & it’s down to -4° C — ooh, so cold, hee hee.  All of a… Continue reading

A Little Snow in Paradise

Oooh, we have a sprinkling of snow on the trees & ground!  Lady was quite interested in this new development.  She thinks it’s great to have new stuff to run around in —… Continue reading

Appreciating Eyesight

Went to the eye doctor for my regular exam — been doing it since I was 5-yrs-old when first started school & they discovered I couldn’t see the blackboard from the first row. … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Lady Daisy May

My constant companion, Lady Daisy May, is one year old today!  Even though it’s been a wild up & down year, it certainly seems now that it’s flown by.  Lady, or Daisy, or… Continue reading

Motivation Activation

When my to-do list is so long I don’t know where to start [practically always!], I find it hard to ‘kick-start’ myself to simply start tackling any work — then nothing gets done! … Continue reading