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What My Dad Taught Me

His Legacy Continues On My dad–chipper as ever–in the ICU on June 13th, 2012 — the day after a 7-hour cancer operation. Question:  How old do you think my Dad is? Dealing with… Continue reading

Missing Nana

My Nana provided the caring that my soul craved.  Now, I need her again but she is so very far away that I cannot reach her in this life.  I simply want to… Continue reading

Have a Laugh at Life

Simply A Dawne Thought ~

Pardus — My Happy Kitty

I was trying to photograph my newest window before it was installed when Pardus decided he wanted some cuddling.  Now, when Pardus decides it’s time, he means now. Pardus’ look says “I want… Continue reading

Family Take Priority

I noticed that I haven’t posted here every day during March — oops, sorry WordPress Challenge.  Of course part of the blame goes to the arrival of spring — oh boo hoo. Yes,… Continue reading

Nana Has It Good

My grand-daughter is a sweet 16 months old! With 3 grandsons [12-14 yrs old] who live 1,000 km [over 600 miles] away, I haven’t seen much of my eldest son‘s children.  But my… Continue reading

Glass Beauty Addictive

🙂  In the midst of organizing my glass workshop, I gather the beautiful sheets closer to me.  It’s too cold in the garage for their delicate nature — they are hard & brittle… Continue reading

Lady fun

🙂 I’m changing my schedule for posting so today is simply my beautiful losing-her-puppyhood-a-bit black Lab, Lady — playing with her rope from my son. She gives me joy & kisses [although I… Continue reading