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January Blahs

Here it is — almost the end of January.  It’s been a month since our last holiday with none in sight for a while — & it sure seems like a long while. … Continue reading

Kind Words Encourage

🙂  A few kind words from my favourite sister encouraged me today.  I’m a little amazed at how much. She wrote them in an email after she’d seen the pics of my glass/wood… Continue reading

Keeping Main Goal in View

Often so busy with small projects, I sometimes find I’ve let the big ones slide the wayside.  And I’ll just as often let these little details interrupt my progress on a big project… Continue reading


Following a link from WordPress, I found a great poem on A Day In The Life of a Daytrader for me today — a little behind schedule with my to-do list piling up… Continue reading

Motivation Activation

When my to-do list is so long I don’t know where to start [practically always!], I find it hard to ‘kick-start’ myself to simply start tackling any work — then nothing gets done! … Continue reading